True story


I had a terribly tough time reading that book the first time around. One night I was determined to read x number of pages. I started going into labor but sort of blew off the signs (this was my third pregnancy, and I have always had super fast labors so I should have known better, but I am rather pigheaded….) and decided to try and finish the number of pages I’d predetermined I wanted to try and finish that night before I awoke my husband. I wasn’t having much success in getting to where I needed to be so I woke my husband and threw the book in my suitcase and we took off to the hospital. I ended up going into labor enroute and had the baby in the back of our Suburban. It took me probably 5 years to pull that book out again and attempt to reread it. I was successful, but it was still a hard read for me. I know a gazillion people say it was a life changing book for them, but I thought it was a rather dry read.