Showing my age here


When Ronald Regan was governor of CA he made people work to get their welfare checks, even if it was just picking up trash off the highway, as long as they were able bodied. Guess what’s state welfare system went down in the number of people on the dole real fast. Unfortunately that is not the case in CA now and look at the shape that state is in. I had hoped when he went into office as president that he’d do the same thing for the nation, but he didn’t. My dh works long hard hours and there have been times in our married life we had only a 19 cent 1 pound bag of beans to last the two of us for a week and by golly I stretched it to do so.
When a family truly needs help, then yes they should get help. But if they can do anything to help provide for themselves then they should do that as well.
You all have read my rants about family ABCD that draw food stamps and disability and they are perfectly able to work, but don’t. What they spend their food stamps on is pure JUNK food, potato chips, diet soda (trust me the diet part is NOT working for them), ready made cakes, cookies, cigarettes, wine coolers, garbage. I’ve been at their home when they’ve came home from “grocery” shopping and didn’t see one decent fruit or vegetable come out of those sacks. They are the type of people that need OFF of the government teat! Even the drug testing being suggested would not weed them off of the dole because to my knowledge neither uses drugs—thankfully. Only a serious evaluation of their physical capabilities would disqualify them. They know I don’t approve of them drawing money from the government in such a manner and they tell me they just don’t feel they need to work when they can make a better income off the government and sleep all the hours in a day they want. But they can do nothing but sit on their back porch and smoke, because they are so far in credit card debt they can’t afford the gas to go anywhere or do anything, and they have pushed the credit cards so far to the limit that all attempts to use the cards are being declined by the issuing companies. They aren’t worried about the credit cards either because government checks cannot be garnished, and the cc companies can’t take their house, they can only put liens against it. Their daughter catches their mortgage up a couple times a year to keep them from losing the house. What type of life is that? Is this what our nation is becoming?
Me and mine will work until we have got to where we are debt free and then we will live off of our retirement that WE have put back, which includes the social security taxes WE have PAID (don’t get me started on the word “entitlement”). We will enjoy life to the fullest as we do it, both before and after retirement. After all, half the fun in doing anything is the planning, and if your only plan is to stick your hand out to the government how fun can that be? Jan who will now get off her soap box and go to bed in OK