Check rates


on, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when airline rates are the cheapest, and then keep checking. If you’re brave, you can try the Name Your Own Price option on Priceline. The problem is, you can have a number of connections and it might be terribly inconvenient, but the price may be right. I use this option to book hotel reservations each week for my sales staff. I don’t have many qualms about doing this because I choose a star rating, or I use Corporate Lodging Consultants to book their hotel stays, but the Name Your Own Price option on Priceline is generally cheapest. I generally go the Kak route for airfare, but if you do find a great rate that way, do call the airline then and book the reservation directly there with them. I have been given upgrades on flights solely because I booked with the airlines themself and not with a discount online booking site.