I need some really good budget ideas


as to how to save some money fast! We want to take a trip to Texas at the beginning of April. My husband’s family is there and since his mom died last June he’s really wanting to make a point to see his other family more often. The problem is we live in WA (the state) and for the four of us to fly, it’s close to $2100. Driving isn’t really an option (we did that in June when his mom passed away) and looking back at the totals of gas, hotels, food, etc…it was $1800. I know that’s a $300 savings if we drive, but the mountain passes will be bad still and we don’t have as much time for vacation as he did when his mom passed away. It’s took us 3 days to drive there and 3 days to get home.

We don’t want to use our credit card, since our course we are working hard to get out of debt.

So what are ways you have saved money? I need some new tricks of the trade so to speak.