I have usually been a frugal one


Right now, I am mid-divorce, and have one16 year old son left at home. I have also taken in a frugal (and fabulously sweet) friend of mine from college. So, in my late 40’s, I am restarting with a household of 3 people. Luckily, we are all reasonably frugal. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that when I dated this fellow back in college, that we never went on a paid date.
I was a single mom, working my way through college, thus, I was broke. My son spent every hour that I was in school, and at work, at the sitter’s, so our dates were always just my fellow coming over to my home. Now, 20+ years later, he’s living with me, and we eat together. Oft times, the three of us cook together. We, all three, do volunteer work together. My fellow goes on some of my contracting gigs with me. We have gone to his parent’s house a couple of times. This weekend, we went to a local ice-fest and looked at the sculptures, all for free.
We had gone to half-price day at the discount theater during the summer, before he moved in. Now, it’s library DVD ‘s. We tossed in some music CD’s, and did my clumsy version of slow dancing. (An added plus to staying home, no witnesses to my ‘dancing’!) I can’t imagine how throwing money at a date would have improved our evening. My fellow, and my son are willing to eat cheaper foods. My soon to be ex, and the other juvenile son, who is with the soon to be ex, are more prone to being spoiled brats.