Back in September


when my mom passed away my dad gave me two of her rings, her wedding band and her sapphire. I knew we needed appraisals for insurance and finally got around to it. I took them in a couple of weeks ago and got to pick them up today. Wow! I knew they were valuable but now I almost feel I cannot wear them out of the house! They came back appraised much more than I anticipated. I guess that is a good problem to have. Now to just get a rider on the policy for them.
We had an account with Morgan Keegan (now bought out by someone else) that we had kinda forgotten about, silly I know, but true. Well, we got a statement in the other day and I told dh, we really need to move this over to the place where we moved everything else and let Don handle it. So dh called Don who handles our IRA’s (all in mutual funds) and non-retirement mutual funds. He came by and picked up the last statement to look over it. When he came back he had a letter with him for us to sign. Where we have our money parked, when you get to $100,000 total in all your accounts, you get a price break on the fees they charge, of 1% off the fees. He said since we will be there in a short time, he wanted to get the ball rolling to save that 1%. Now, to many of you $100,000 is not a lot of money and may very well be “walkin’ around money”. However, to us, 12 years ago, it was inconceivable that we would have that much in this amount of time. I don’t know if I am more excited about the total in our accounts or to be saving 1%!

I just had to share the good news. For those who are still in BS2, there is hope and it’s on its way. Just keep working the baby steps and you’ll be putting away money for a rainy and and retirement as well. If WE can do it, anyone can do it.