It’s getting to the voters to understand the situation


I know families like ABCD all four registered voters “like” the status quo if they were to change anything they’d want MORE government coming their way. So they are not about to vote for someone with an ounce of common sense.
Another friend is from South African—naturalized citizen here now, came quite legally, she says we should all quit belly aching and just leave matters alone. That what the folks on capitol hill are doing is the right way to go. She is definitely not a math nerd and comes from a country where corrupt government is the norm.
Then you have the vast majority of the population whose eyes glaze over when you start speaking numbers or politics to them and try to hit them with both and well, the logical politicians are going to seem like the “weirdos” to them and we all know that anything/one that is different is therefore evil and must be done away with. (sic)
It is these type of registered voters that will not keep a sensible balanced budget type of politician in office. They all think they will get a piece of the pie if the government is handing out “free” pie. They don’t understand that the pie is shrinking by the day and only the lead dogs of the pack will eat and the rest will starve. We have a gentleman from here in OK Sen. Tom Colburn, who works tirelessly pointing out government waste and tries to get it dealt with and he gets no where. He does get re-elected every go around, because there are enough of us that want waste cut here in OK. Dr. Colburn ran his own business for years before getting into politics so he knows the ins and outs of budgets, but to get a majority of senators and congressmen like him in office all at the same time is nigh on to impossible. It’s a scratch my back world upon capitol hill and if you aren’t in the in crowd your bill is never going to be seen by the senate, little on a balanced budget. How long has it been now since Harry Reid has allowed a vote on anything but the bills by his good buddy’s?
Mary who thinks the very first step is to refuse to pay ANY politician, including the president, their salary until they pass a balanced budget after all we don’t get paid if we don’t do our job in OK