While I agree with the idea that “we should have a balanced budget”


100%, there is a fundamental difference in job description and mission between a CFO and a member of Congress. The CFO of a company has his/her job to keep that company in the black. Each member of Congress was elected on the hope and/or expectation of providing what their constituency wants. That isn’t the same thing. If the majority of the households in the country don’t have zero-based budgets, apparently it’s not a priority. So why would it be a priority for those they elected? I’m afraid that until/unless the populace spontaneously develops a dramatically stronger sense of fiscal responsibility, Congress won’t be balancing the national checkbook anytime soon. In fact, I suspect that any Congressperson who tried to spearhead such efforts, wouldn’t have a job very long. Their constituency would replace them with someone who gave them what they wanted, not what they needed.Now I need to go re-read my email about being contented. I feel sick every time I think along these lines