Nothing went exactly as planned today


We slept way later than we planned to.
We ended up going to the stables & making the stable payment and giving the horses carrots.We then went to the grocery store and got 2 weeks supplies of groceries. I get paid every other week so it seems to be cheaper that way. I should only have to go next week for fresh vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. We spent $416 for food, toiletries, laundry & pet supplies. We even got everyone new toothbrushes!
It’s a good thing we only go about every 2 weeks because the kids were evil and people were getting annoyed. Lol.
When we got home, DH ran DD 19 to wk and bought a new battery for his “beater “to car. ($112).I Put the groceries away (no small feat). then the little ones &I took down 90% of the outside decorations!!. The spruce trees are almost 20 ft tall & super prickly! Soooo, of course the light stranhung up on the very top. DH pulled out his little giant ladder to pull them off. I even put the light strands in a tub &the took them out to the shed.
Just finished eating an going to relax . Found before heading to bed. Signed up for an extra 8 hrs tomorrow!