It is a little easier for us


because when we dine out we don’t get sweet tea because seriously I have yet to find a decent sweet tea in a restaurant. In fact I usually have water with lemon (free) so the segue here at home was easy. Now you will notice I said nothing about totally giving up Pepsi YET! We have cut down to one 20 oz glass a day each, The further we go into this challenge, the more likely it is to go entirely as well.
Today, besides the using the hotel shampoo I decided to see how long we could go without purchasing meat. I’m not saying we are going vegan, I’m saying we are going to use up all the bits and parts of meat I have canned, frozen and dried. I know I’ll eventually have an omg moment where I will have to purchase meat again and the price will make me physically ill, but I’m hoping to kill BOA no later than April 1, it’s currently on track for Dec 18, so I’ll have to come up with a lot of “extra” cash, after I replenish the bef from the truck repair to get that nearly $2,000 that quick. So any suggestions would be welcome. Jan who got a huge $10.50 check today that will go directly to the bef replenishing in OK