I need to re-do my budget

debt loan

Driving for Uber has worked out really well, but I can see I’m going to have to write up a plan/budget so that I am spending the money on purpose vs paying for things “as they come up.” I am making about $225 a week working four 6 hour days a week and I know different ways to borrow money online (borrowlab.com), so I either stick it all in a savings account and use it to pay rent, or I work the alternate budget plan from Robert. The last two weeks I’ve paid things as they come up, but that feels like just sprinkling water on a fire and hoping to get a handle on it.

I am continuing on Baby Step Two

debt loan

1 last big debt to pay off, student loan, currently about $8,200. I paid off about $10,000 of it this year alone. That said, I’ve had to slow the debt snowball because

a. overseeing the well-being of my parents. Dad just placed in nursing home. I don’t expect him to return to the house. Using some of my emergency fund money to cope with unexpected expenses as I go between parents’ home (Chicago) and mine (Atlanta). He has dementia and can no longer walk. Mom is coping, but I’m concerned her memory issues may be Alzheimer’s or some other dementia. He is 88. She is 86.[Before anyone says it . . . I now have power of attorney for both parents, and they have written their wills.]

b. because of shouldering my parents’ well-being, I just let go of one work contract. I did it because something had to give.I just don’t have the bandwith to work the one job, that contract, and do voice-over/audiobook work, take care of parents and breathe/sleep. Unfortunately that contract was the main source for my extra, large student loan payments. My voiceover work is not regular, but most of that money can go towards student loan. So the debt snowball will slow, but not stop.

No that is why we chose Kaiser


It is all in one for everything. We have our $25 dr visits and $185 for emergency room (both have gone way up the last few years) and 20% cost of share on meds. We have looked at some of the other plans from my dh job but Kaiser having their own everything makes it easy.