We have been on crappy non-internet


(seriously, Dial Up would have been faster) since we moved here, paying $82 a month for intermittent service. I had already made arrangements to disconnect at the end of our service contract (this month) due to lack of work/income.Our contract with Argon ends Oct 31 and they are coming Nov 1 to take out their stuff.

We are current TMobile customers here in Greenville. They sent us a cell phone booster to boost our signal (no cost) and we changed our plan to get unlimited 4G data and added a mobile hotspot (added $25 per month to our current bill) and I am now using internet on a faster speed than anything Argon ever gave me.

Just wanted to let you know you DO have options, even outside of city limits like we are. TMobile doesn’t go everywhere, but if it does… $82 down to $25 AND faster speed. Really really happy.

We changed our plan to get 3G unlimited data and personal hotspots for each of the phones. It’s a slightly lower speed for DH’s line and mine, but it was worth it to be able to add an unlimited 4G internet service for $25 a month.